Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Open promo *month* on Eve Summers' group

The entire month of December 2009 (starting now, because it's exactly a month before Christmas, LOL) will be open for author promo on my yahoo group
Please adhere to the following 3 rules:
  • Only Red Rose Authors and members of RWNZ are allowed to post promotional material (though everybody is welcome to read and post comments... and yes, if you're an author, you may use a promo signature in your comment).
  • NO EXCERPTS - yes, that's right, no excerpts. Feel free to post book blurbs, buy links, reviews, author interviews, book blogs, interesting bits and bobs about your books and/or about yourselves. Tell us about your characters and your life as a writer, tell us what you're doing for Christmas and what colour your nails are, tell us why your book will make a perfect Christmas gift, comment on other people's posts, show us who your favourite hottie is... but NO EXCERPTS please.
  • You can post as often as you like and talk about as many books as you like.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Book Sale at Red Rose Publishing

Book sale at Red Rose Publishing, Friday 27 November 2009.
Be there!

And when you're there, please check out the books by Eve Summers:
  • FIJI ON FIRE, FIJI ON ICE (What is making Tanya lose her focus? Could it be the tight black jeans on the tight black arse of Randy Andy, the alleged con artist?)
  • WILD THING (Evelyn is in love with Lee, a poker con artist. They are not bad people, they only ever swindle the swindlers, and it's all for a good cause.)
  • A SLAVE OF MY OWN DESIRE (He will force you to live out your wildest fantasies.)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How does an author choose her cover?

How does an author choose her cover?

Well, that was a dilemma for author Jane Beckenham just recently when her cover art editor sent her several possibilities. For Jane it had to 'click' just right. To tweak her where a love story must tweak.

So how did she choose the cover for her upcoming holiday release TO KISS AN ANGEL? She turned over the covers to her 18 year old daughter... whose comment was... Va va voom I like this one, can you print it out, in color, so I can put it on my wall.

Jane realised then, she had a winner.
(Eve Summers agrees!!!)

By Jane Beckenham

Angel has a job to do - leave heaven and fix Clark Lannigan's life, teaching him to live again, and to love. But how can she succeed when Clark is living in the past, a life surrounded by so much guilt that he's too afraid to let go. Besides, she's already broken Angel rule 750.2, paragraph A, no canoodling with the client. Plus she's fallen in love with him.

So what does an angel do? She sets him ten tasks, but neither of them want to obey number ten....NO KISSING.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice - what a review!

I love this reviewer!

... This is a rather bold concept. I’ve been reading erotica and romance for darn near twenty years, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a plot like this one ...

and especially:

... You have another winner with this book. I also thought the idea of adding recipes for different adult beverages in theme with the chapters was quite a novel idea. I give Fiji On Fire, Fiji On Ice Four and half Delightful Divas ...

Please have a look at the rest of the review here.