Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What is romantic?

Dr. Libby Weaver poses a fascinating question in her latest bestseller, "The Rushing Woman's Syndrome". She asks what women think of as romantic. Chances are, many women would say it's romantic if the husband looks after the children so that the wife has an hour to herself, or if the husband takes out the garbage unasked.

Really? Babysitting and taking out the garbage romantic? Whatever happened to an impromptu holiday in Greece, red roses and little I LOVE YOU notes tucked into your coat pocket?

And so, sufficiently chastened, I've come up with my own list of romantic:
  • French champagne
  • bubble bath for two
  • a luxury cruise
  • a holiday in a resort
  • reading a book out loud to one another in bed
  • a morning cup of coffee shared on the terrace
  • cocktails
  • sleeping in the spoon position
  • the guy really going out of his way to please you...
  • and really listening to you...
  • preferably somewhere on a magical island where there is no work and no chores.

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