Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Guest Post by Jane Beckenham

Hello… are you out there?

When I was thinking about what to write for this guest blog…well the idea bank was a tad empty, and that is par for the course at the moment. My muse had shut up shop and gone for a holiday. – Lucky girl. Actually, I’ve often wondered if others ‘envision’ their Muse. Do they give her an identity?

I have, and before you roll your eyes and wonder if this downunder author has gone loco since she’s upside down, the answer, yes, just a little bit.
My Muse is just called Muse, or ‘Her’, or when she’s silent, like right now, the gal is called…’bloody talk woman’.

She may not have a real name, but she has a ‘look’. She’s blond – and I’m a would be blond. She’s tall and slim of course and I’m…well, not. And she has this smile, sort of beatific, which really suits her because her home is a cloud.

Yes. Really. When I talk to her, I see her standing on the edge of her puff ball cloud, white of course, none of that grey stuff, threatening to spit out rain or worse, hail or snow. But she stands there, waving at me, smiling, though it’s when she’s not standing there, or not smiling that fear seeps into my subconscious and I find myself scrambling for ideas for the next book.

Ms. Muse is rather judicious with what she gives me and when which is really annoying. I mean she’s MY muse, why can’t she do what I want her to. I mean I invented her.

Right now the woman is SILENT. Deadly silent, which is just as well since I’m taking a breather from novel writing. Yes, I’m having a LIFE. Rather unique really, but I do miss my daily grind at the computer, writing the lives and loves of my characters. Oh, how I miss it.

However, I suppose Ms. Muse deserves a break. The woman has been hard at it for weeks, months, actually, truth be told...for years. I’ve just contracted my 12th book.

My coming release (May 25th) - He’s the One (Samhain Publishing) was a Muse job. The woman had me thinking way into the small hours about a reunion story. What if she nearly once got married, then didn’t? What if she feels guilty because she didn’t love her fiancé? What if she’s a wedding planner whose clients ask her about their sex problems? What if she’s a virgin?
Enter Cade Harper, one sexy dude. Actually, the man appeared for real one day when I was ‘doing’ lunch with none other than author Ms. Summers here who owns this blog. Remember!!! The man with the red Mustang? [Footnote: Eve Summers remembers only too well, LOL]

Cade Harper knows two things about women. They either abandon him, or use him as a walking bank. He doesn’t do commitment, and marriage is a dirty word—witness the string of broken hearts he’s left in his wake. Yet what if Taylor proposes an introduction to sex – a night of no-strings passion - for some business advice for this up and coming businessman?

Lots of questions Ms Muse throws at me.

It was up to me to come up with the answers – and a warning: He’s the One contains explicit, straight-to-the-heart sex between a hopeless romantic heroine and an abandon-all-hope hero. No need to dress up for this party—just curl up with a glass of bubbly and a box of tissues! LOL.

So yes, Ms Muse has a place in my heart, I just hope she doesn’t stay away too long this time or I’ll have to send out a search party.

If you see Ms. Muse in your wanderings, can you tell her to get her butt right on home this instant.

Happy reading and writing everyone.
Jane Beckenham

Author- Jane Beckenham

In books Author Jane Beckenham discovered dreams and hope, stories that inspired in her a love of romance and happy ever after. Years later, after a blind date, Jane found her own true love and married him eleven months later.

Life has been a series of ‘dreams’ for Jane. Dreaming of learning to walk again after spending years in hospital. Dreaming of raising a family and subsequently flying to Russia to bring home her two adopted daughters. And of course, dreaming of writing.

Writing has become Jane’s addiction - and it sure beats housework.

You can contact Jane via her web site or email her at


Maria said...

Great Post Jane! I absolutely love the cover for "He's The One" and can't wait to read this when it comes out. Love the premise to the story.

flchen1 said...

Ooh, thanks for your lovely post, Jane! Definitely looking forward to He's The One!

Leigh D'Ansey said...

Oh, I do love that name, Cade Harper. How could he not be a sexy dude! Sounds delish.

Serena said...

What a great blog post. Thanks, Jane! And if you ever find your muse, please ask her where she was hiding - maybe she's out there on the town with my muse. SIGH.

LOVE all your books! All keepers!

JaneB said...

Hi ladies, thank you for your lovely feedback on my blog here at Eve's site. Yes Cade is one sexy guy. I loved writing him, he's got a great brother too which is screaming at me to write his story... just need that dratted Muse to high tail it home.
Happy reading
Jane Beckenham

Anonymous said...

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