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Like A Virgin - Red Rose Bestseller

"Like A Virgin" is now number 7 on the overall Red Rose Publishing Top Ten Bestseller list!

Like A Virgin - Red Rose Bestseller
Eve Summers

Buy Link:

Erotic Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-423-2
Cover Artist: Shirley Burnett
Editor: Belle
Word Count: 16,060
Release Date: December 24, 2009

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Top Ten: "Like a Virgin"

"Like a Virgin" was released on December 24, 2009, and is already number 10 on the Red Rose Publishing IR Bestseller List.

Special Deal: buy "Like a Virgin" during December 2009, and then email - every purchaser will receive another Eve Summers book of their choice absolutely free.

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Contest: New Release 24 December 2009

Eve Summers' latest e-book, "Like a Virgin", is scheduled to be released by Red Rose Publishing on 24 December 2009. What a stocking filler!


Aurora is a virgin when it comes to online-dating. A mousy schoolteacher in real life, she wants to be something more online. Someone else. A Bond girl who drinks champagne, travels the world and does skydiving.

If you fib on your online profile, is there ever a good time to come clean?

Competition: buy "Like a Virgin" during December 2009, and then email - every purchaser will receive another Eve Summers book of their choice absolutely free.

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Guest Post: Biohazard by Honoria Ravena

Biohazard was originally supposed to be a free read for my website. But when I finished it, and saw it was a little over eight thousand words I decided it was too long not to publish. I also wanted a contract with Breathless Press, because it felt weird to work for a publisher and not have anything published by them. Also, BP is a very good publisher, with great covers, and one day I think BP will be a major e-book pub.

I can't really tell you where I got the idea for Biohazard, because who knows where I get any of my ideas? I just think, and they pop into my head. However, I did know that one day I wanted to do a shapeshifter novel where the shapeshifter in question gets caught in a trap.


Hunted by his people, the shapeshifter, Jayden, sheds his human skin after escaping his execution. 200 years later he’s still on the run. When he’s attacked in the remote woods in Wyoming, the last thing he expects is to be saved by a human woman.

When Maura finds a rough looking group of men hunting a tiger in her forest, she doesn’t hesitate to pull a gun on them and release the animal. What she doesn’t expect is for that frightening cat to change into a gorgeous, surly man with a tortured past.

But when his people threaten her life, will he save her, or leave her to the wolves?

Read an extended excerpt on my website:

Or buy the book here:

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Guest Post: Fear of Darkness by Honoria Ravena

Fear of Darkness, my first published work, comes out today (17 December). Fear of Darkness will always hold a special place in my heart. It isn't the first book I ever finished, but it's the first book I finished that's good. The Vampire's Kingdom (which will never see the light of day) was written before I'd learned the mechanics of writing. Last time I tried to edit it I wanted to rip my hair out, so I'll have to have major patience to go back, because not only would I have to re-do the mechanics, but my world has changed since I wrote it.

Fear of Darkness is also one of the four original vampire novels I started when I first began writing at twelve. While it's NOTHING like what it used to be when I had it posted on it does retain some of the plot points from the beginning and the main characters. Everything else is different.


Vahe Patten is a Watcher in the King's guard. The vampire king, that is. As a Watcher, Vahe executes vampires who break the only major vampire law: keep the secret. When Dylan Andrew starts leaving his murder victims for the human authorities to find, something must be done. While in Haven, Vahe enters the dreams of a woman plagued with nightmares of her past. When he sees Dylan flirting with her in a bar, he knows she'll be his next victim.

Natalya Woods just wants to avoid her ex-husband. The small town of Haven, Maine seems perfect until she's attacked in the street by, literally, the man of her dreams.

Read an extended excerpt on my website:

Or buy the book here:

The 100th post

This is the 100th post in this blog. Yikes! To celebrate, here is the Wall of Fame of all the Eve Summers books available from Red Rose Publishing.

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Freebies for Christmas

Looking for a free e-book this Christmas season? Check out Red Rose Publishing's bookstore.

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Like a Virgin - Christmas Eve Release Date

"Like a Virgin" by Eve Summers will be published by Red Rose Publishing on 24 December 2009. What a stocking filler!

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Open promo *month* on Eve Summers' group

The entire month of December 2009 (starting now, because it's exactly a month before Christmas, LOL) will be open for author promo on my yahoo group
Please adhere to the following 3 rules:
  • Only Red Rose Authors and members of RWNZ are allowed to post promotional material (though everybody is welcome to read and post comments... and yes, if you're an author, you may use a promo signature in your comment).
  • NO EXCERPTS - yes, that's right, no excerpts. Feel free to post book blurbs, buy links, reviews, author interviews, book blogs, interesting bits and bobs about your books and/or about yourselves. Tell us about your characters and your life as a writer, tell us what you're doing for Christmas and what colour your nails are, tell us why your book will make a perfect Christmas gift, comment on other people's posts, show us who your favourite hottie is... but NO EXCERPTS please.
  • You can post as often as you like and talk about as many books as you like.

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Book Sale at Red Rose Publishing

Book sale at Red Rose Publishing, Friday 27 November 2009.
Be there!

And when you're there, please check out the books by Eve Summers:
  • FIJI ON FIRE, FIJI ON ICE (What is making Tanya lose her focus? Could it be the tight black jeans on the tight black arse of Randy Andy, the alleged con artist?)
  • WILD THING (Evelyn is in love with Lee, a poker con artist. They are not bad people, they only ever swindle the swindlers, and it's all for a good cause.)
  • A SLAVE OF MY OWN DESIRE (He will force you to live out your wildest fantasies.)

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How does an author choose her cover?

How does an author choose her cover?

Well, that was a dilemma for author Jane Beckenham just recently when her cover art editor sent her several possibilities. For Jane it had to 'click' just right. To tweak her where a love story must tweak.

So how did she choose the cover for her upcoming holiday release TO KISS AN ANGEL? She turned over the covers to her 18 year old daughter... whose comment was... Va va voom I like this one, can you print it out, in color, so I can put it on my wall.

Jane realised then, she had a winner.
(Eve Summers agrees!!!)

By Jane Beckenham

Angel has a job to do - leave heaven and fix Clark Lannigan's life, teaching him to live again, and to love. But how can she succeed when Clark is living in the past, a life surrounded by so much guilt that he's too afraid to let go. Besides, she's already broken Angel rule 750.2, paragraph A, no canoodling with the client. Plus she's fallen in love with him.

So what does an angel do? She sets him ten tasks, but neither of them want to obey number ten....NO KISSING.

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Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice - what a review!

I love this reviewer!

... This is a rather bold concept. I’ve been reading erotica and romance for darn near twenty years, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a plot like this one ...

and especially:

... You have another winner with this book. I also thought the idea of adding recipes for different adult beverages in theme with the chapters was quite a novel idea. I give Fiji On Fire, Fiji On Ice Four and half Delightful Divas ...

Please have a look at the rest of the review here.

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Guest post by Betty Ann Harris - WELCOME!!!

I'm romance author, Betty Ann Harris, and I write the Special Agent Series of books for Red Rose Publishing. If you're not familiar with the series, here's the rundown. My FBI special agents, from the cool California, blue-eyed and deeply sensitive Tom Owens from the first book, Eureka Point, to the sexy James Kelly, from the newly released The Darkhorse Conspiracy, are all at the top of their game and are the types of agents I'd want protecting me.

Second, came the ruggedly handsome and deeply romantic Stephen O'Leary, from My Very Special Agent, and if you read the book, you'll find out just what makes him so special (wink). Set for release early next year is the fourth book in the series, titled Agent of Mercy, and you'll get to meet undercover agent Sam Blake, whose sympathy for the woman he is supposed to bring down may just get him murdered in the process.

All the books in this series are guaranteed to give you your fill of romance and suspense. You'll be sitting on the edge of your seat as you read on to find out what danger lurks around each corner and what twists and turns are in store for the beautiful women these agents are assigned to protect.

The Special Agent Series books are available at Red Rose Publishing at this link:

See the video trailers!

Eureka Point:

My Very Special Agent:

The Darkhorse Conspiracy:

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1 Year Anniversary

Today is the first anniversary of my becoming a Red Rose Publishing Author. It's also the last day that my first Red Rose title, "A slave of my own desire" is free (when you purchase another Red Rose title).


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Get "Slave" for free!

This week only, if you buy any book from Red Rose Publishing, you can get "A Slave of My Own Desire" totally free!

4 Delightful Divas!!!

I've just received a fabulous review of "Safe Sex Incorporated".

"... This story is a fanciful short which intrigued me from the start. I immediately fell for Jin. The Rebel has the most important cause of all, and sorry I can’t tell what it is, but it would ruin the story for you. The chemistry between Jin and Skyla is spicy, and this great little tale is one that I would love to see expanded, but can easily stand on its own..."

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Free e-book

Red Rose Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60435-110-1


Clare’s ex-fiancé treated her like a queen: he was kind, attentive to her needs in bed and b-o-r-I-n-g. He never made her do what she wanted him to make her do.

From the moment Clare sets eyes on David at a Halloween party, her hormones go wild with desire. His arrogant smile promises something darker, deeper and more intense. He is Trouble - with a big, big T. And yet, the mistake of letting him would be even bigger.

David believes love is not worth the pain it brings, no matter how divine Clare looks in her goddess costume. To him, she is just a rich white girl bored of vanilla sex, and he is happy to show her a good time. So why does he melt inside every time their eyes meet?

Get it for free this week only:

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The Princess Bride

Hands up, who else thinks that Westley (Man In Black) from "The Princess Bride" is the ultimate Alpha Hero?

Some quotes to help you make up your mind:
  • Buttercup: You're the Dread Pirate Roberts, admit it.
    Man in Black: With pride. What can I do for you?
  • Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.
  • There's a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

An in-depth review of "A slave of my own desire"

"I found Slave of My Own Desire to be a very unique story. I loved that it told the story from two viewpoints, his and hers and yet it did not repeat what was told but continued on from where the last left off."

Read the full review here:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An... interesting kind of review at Coffee Time Romance

Sometimes an interesting review is even better than a glowing review. Read what Coffee Time Romance has to say about "Safe Sex Incorporated" here.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rave Review for "Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice"

I'm very, very happy to see that "Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice" got 4 cups from Coffee Time Romance!

Quote: "Ms. Summers has a way of telling a story that has you wrapped up in the characters and the places. The foreplay between both Tanya and Andy was very intense, and I could not wait to see the end result. I also liked how the author put mixed drink recipes as well as a couple of other recipes within the story. I highly recommend you read this nice tale full of foreplay and conflict."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Safe Sex Incorporated"

Yippee! "Safe Sex Incorporated" is now on Fictionwise. Be the first to submit your rating and get any of my other e-books completely free!

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Red Rose Publishing Competition

Even though Eve Summers books are not taking part in this month's competition, have a look at how to play, it's fun!

Red Rose Publishing, the home of great romances.

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The erotica phrases that make you laugh

At the recent Romance Writers' (RWNZ) conference, we had an excellent workshop on what to avoid when writing erotic fiction (presented by Susan Napier). We were all in stitches... and yet most of us had to plead guilty to authoring at least one of the "love to hate" phrases.

My favourites included:
  • his manhood
  • his member
  • his throbbing lance
  • her rose petals
  • he pinched her nipples (er, you realise, that's a favourite as in "love to hate", not something I'd like to see on the bedroom menu)
  • she moaned softly (I always imagine this followed by a dialogue line: "You forgot to take out the garbage again!")
There were many, many more, but I didn't write them down, for the fear they would stick in my mind and beg to be used.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jane Beckenham: What gets me in the mood to write a love scene?

Question: What gets me in the mood to write a love scene?

Answer: I think I really have to know my characters first, but most importantly, know my hero, how he thinks, really get into his skin. I love writing heroes, love that they are so complicated. Love their love language. By that I don’t mean specifically what they say during sex, but how they perceive love, how different that is from a their heroine’s perception of what is love and how they want to be loved.

Music will play a small part in getting me in the mood, but mostly it’s just shutting my eyes, imagining my hero, what he’s doing, thinking, saying, feeling, and being him, being in the moment. Such a lovely feeling. What I try for is sensuality, rather than wham bam sex, but then, wham bam, can be fun too. (~Jane Beckenham, author of NO SEX NECESSARY)


Author: Jane Beckenham


ISBN: 978-1-60435-115-6

ISBN: 1-60435-115-2

Release date: May 22 2008

Heat Rating – Very Sensual

Cole grinned with unhidden delight.

“I want to touch you,” she said. Tara watched him, aware of the molten heat radiating from him…to her. Her husband was on fire for her. A secretive smile tugged at her kissed mouth. Good! “All over,” she reiterated. “It’s my turn, husband.” She offered him a mischievous smile, surprised and elated at her lack of inhibition.

It was a first. But then, the feelings and emotions she felt at this moment too were a first. Nothing in her life could equal this.

Cole dropped his hands to his sides as if offering himself to her. The golden glints in his eyes darkened to a deep and lustrous amber. “Be my guest.”

Tara almost purred. “I feel like the cat who’s got the cream.”

“Then lick me.”

Oh, dear God. Taken aback by his request, she hesitated, but one look into his eyes and seeing the raw and blatant desire, candid and inviting, she could resist no longer and did exactly that.

Resting her hands on his chest, the wiry texture of the hair an abrasive aphrodisiac on the tips of her fingers, she trailed her tongue across his chest with slow, definitive strokes.

His body jerked, sparking a renewed fear coiling in her gut. She lifted her gaze from beneath the shadow of her heavy lashes and looked up at him with uncertainty. Had she gone too far? Disappointed him?

Not that. Never that. Please. Heat turned to ice and she pulled back abruptly.

“Baby, don’t stop,” Cole groaned through gritted teeth. His fingers gripped her shoulders, edging her closer. Sweat beaded his brow, every muscle in his face stretched taut with barely controlled tension. For one second, then another, Tara did nothing. She simply looked at him. Really looked.

He was…beautiful. Powerful and strong. And he wanted her. His arousal spoke a silent plea. Screamed it. Just as did the raging need escalating within her, craving release.

Elated with the knowledge she was able to arouse him, Tara brush her fingertips over his chest before she began to dot kisses down his torso.

Cole clasped her head with gentle hands, tilting her head so that she gazed into his heated expression. “If you continue, I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself.”

“Who said I want you to?” she countered with a teasing smile.

A deep and rumbling laughter spilled from Cole’s throat. “Woman, you’ll pay.” He pulled her up, her body brushing against him.

She offered him a cheeky grin, flicking her damp hair away from her face. “I hope so.” And gave him a wink.

Who was she? Who was this person she offered to Cole?”

Tara couldn’t help but be amazed at her behavior. It enveloped her in a deep sense of satisfaction. She couldn’t remember such sense of being provocative and assertive as she did now, wanting so much to be united, aroused beyond return. And believing she could give, and take.

Cole took charge. In quick succession, he snapped the faucet off, taking them both from the shower and wrapping her in a huge, fluffy white bath sheet, before, once more, lifting her in his arms and carrying her toward the bed.

With a tenderness she still found surprising in a man as hard-nosed as he was in business, he laid her down on the bed. He knelt beside her and used the towel to pat her dry.

“You’re beautiful Mrs. Charteris. A sexy seductress, exotic, glorious…” Cole’s words trailed off as his lips sought hers with a fierceness that sucked all the air from her lungs.

Heaven had arrived.

He moved onto the bed, edging his hard body over hers and Tara found herself swept up by desire, kiss after kiss rousing her to the edge, and beyond. Her legs parted and he slipped in between them.

“Perfect,” he rasped in her ear. “Just as if we’re made for one another.”

Made for one another.

It was Tara’s last coherent thought as Cole united them and the escalating excitement of their joined bodies overtook.

Tara’s senses took over. Her legs wrapped round him, locking him to her, willing him to deepen his thrusts. She rose up to meet them, joyously reveling in the epitome of pleasure and as their union escalated, the ecstasy culminating in a rhythmic explosion, so intense, Tara couldn’t speak, couldn’t think. She could only feel.

This wasn’t sex.

For Tara, this was making love, beautiful, erotic and fulfilling love.

Happy reading

Jane Beckenham

Love, honor and romance at the turning of a page.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Writing hot scenes - Renee Michaels

Question: What gets me in the mood to write a love scene?

Answer: I can be pretty moody, so to do this it would depend on the actual scene--- Is she being seduced? In which case I have to be pretty mellow-- a glass of wine, a Godiva chocolate, or after a hot bath with my favorite soap. Is it a feverish coupling -- rock music-- Billy Idol is a favorite to get the blood pumping, but the he is allpurpose--he is good for a fight scene too. (~Renee Michaels, A Wild Ride To Paradise)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Writing hot scenes - Angel Martinez

: What do you do to get into the mood for writing hot scenes?

Answer: I need quiet, first and foremost. Nothing kills a good love scene like someone yelling 'Mom, the cat threw up again!'. If I truly need a jump start, I'll go back and re-read a favorite love scene or two. Once my characters get going, though, they've got the wheel. I just hang on for the ride. ~ Angel Martines, the author of Finn

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What do you do to get into the mood for writing 'hot'?

Attention all authors! What do you do to get into the mood for writing the hot scenes in your books?

Here's an answer from Eve Summers, author of "Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice":
Here's an excerpt from "Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice":

The Hot and Bothered Cocktail Recipe

2 oz DeKuyper® Buttershots liqueur
1 oz Bailey's® Irish cream
1 oz Godiva® chocolate liqueur
6 oz sweet coffee with cream

Pour Buttershots, Bailey's and Godiva into a mug of hot coffee, stir and serve.

That afternoon, Tanya stretched out on a massage table in one of the resort’s over-the-water bungalows. The strain was getting to her. Jack was not responding to her emails and she couldn’t find him in any of their usual chat rooms. It was a disaster.

“Something energizing?” asked the masseuse. “Something fun?”

“Something soothing.”

She buried her face in the padded opening in the table. The floor was glass and she could see the ocean below. She heard the waves lapping against the bungalow’s wooden poles. The smell of frangipani and sandalwood oils hit her nostrils and she relaxed.

Strong slim fingers pressed into her shoulders, massaging away the knots and the stress bubbles. Tanya’s long sigh of relief grew into a soft moan of pleasure.

The woman’s hands never left Tanya’s skin as they rubbed tiny circles into her shoulders. Tanya’s muscles loosened, her body went deliciously slack and her thoughts turned to jelly. The woman stroked her back lower and lower, all the way to her buttocks. A far-away part of her brain wondered whether that was really appropriate, but it didn’t care for the answer.

Buttocks, legs, calves. Heel, ball of the foot, toes. The spaces between the toes. The sweet smell and the self-assured fingers. Bliss.

“Please turn over.”

“Huh?” Tanya didn’t want to move.

“Here, let me help.” The masseuse cradled her like a child against the twin pillows of her breasts, rolled her onto her side, then onto her back. The fingers resumed their magic. Quick staccato, like raindrops, on the scalp, temples, cheeks, jaw line. Long kneading strokes on the arms, hands, fingers. Feather caresses on the stomach, comforting yet oddly arousing. Through the haze of her tranquility, Tanya’s body began to respond to the pulse of the massage, her breath matching the tempo of the masseuse’s fingers.

It was all Andy’s fault.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice - bestseller!

"Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice" has hit number 5 on the Erotic Romance list (Red Rose Publishing) and number 4 on the IR/MC sub-genre.

  • Is it the hunk on the cover?

  • The 15 recipes for deliciously naughty cocktails?

  • The beach setting?

  • Or the promise of a love story that is bigger than skin colour and age differences?

You tell me.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice - book trailer

Check out the book trailer for "Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice" and let me know what you think! I love those beaches and the cocktails....

No-bake Chocolate Cake Recipe

(excerpt from "Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice")

Andy looked like a god in his tight black jeans. He didn’t have a shirt on and the muscles moving under his mocha skin made Tanya forget about chocolate cake.

She expected him to kiss her as soon as he had opened the door. Instead, he led her into the bungalow’s kitchen. It felt domesticated, and somehow more intimate than kissing.

The kitchen turned out to be a kitchenette. Tanya appraised the tiny space with mounting panic. No double boiler. No stove. And no oven. How on earth was she going to bake a cake if there was no oven?

“Second thoughts?” Andy stood in the doorway. His smirk was audible. “You could always forfeit the bet and ask Isabelle if she has more of her birthday cake left.”

“Very funny. Not. Did you get the ingredients from the restaurant?”


“Good. Are you going to stand there the whole time, watching?”


Tanya longed to touch his mouth again, to feel that hard roundness with her fingers and on her lips and under her tongue.

“I guess I’ll skip the step that says to preheat the oven, then.”

Andy nodded. “Just as well. Your oven looks hot enough to me.” His face was deadpan.

Tanya cleared her throat. “Where is the butter?”

“On the counter.”

“In this heat?” Tanya poked her index finger into the pale-yellow block and felt it slither all the way in. Pure velvet. Like a very ready pussy. Tanya swallowed hard. The craving for Andy’s fingers glided down her spine all the way to her knees. “Here, you do it. Grease the baking pan.”

Andy’s hand dug into the silky surface of the block. He took his time paying attention to the innermost folds of the baking pan, caressing until every inch was perfectly lubricated.

“One ready receptacle,” he said as he handed the pan back to Tanya. (...)

Read the rest here.

"Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice" a bestseller

"Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice" has hit number 8 on the bestseller list at Red Rose! Would it be:
  • the naughty cocktail recipes?
  • the hunk on the cover?
  • the beach setting?
  • the story itself?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fiji and Cocktails

Picture a handsome toffee-skinned hunk on a coral-white beach. Sip a cocktail - one of the 15 mentioned in the book - and enjoy the hot action!
Only in "Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice" by Eve Summers, Red Rose Publishing, July 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice - exclusive preview

"Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice" by Eve Summers will hit the Red Rose Publishing e-press on 16 July 2009 EST. Below, you will find a recipe for a super-sexy cocktail as well as a super-sexy excerpt:

Chapter Five

Kiss Me Slow

The Kiss Me Slow Cocktail Recipe

4 oz white rum
2 oz triple sec
1 oz lemon juice

Stir ingredients together into an old-fashioned glass, and serve.

When they got to Andy’s over-the-water bungalow, however, all he pulled out was a bottle of whisky.

Disappointment hit Tanya in more ways than just one. If he was going to offer whisky, the least he could do was produce something truly decadent. Oh well. It served her right for forgetting her principles of dating. How could she expect a mere boy to know his stuff?

“Surely you don’t mean the Johnny Walker?” She tasted the chilly shards in her own words. “That’s not even single malt.”

“It’s blue label though. Crème de la crème. Taste it.”

I’d rather taste you, thought Tanya. But the spicy liquid glowed with a divine fire in her throat, sweet and toasty and chocolaty, and when she heard a moan of pleasure, it took a second to realize it was her own.

Andy watched her, his eyes burning into hers. “That good, huh?”

She felt the heat spread from her throat down. “Mmmm.” Yeah, really well done. Ten out of ten for nonchalant.

“How inappropriate do you think it would be if I kissed you right now?”

Her throat was thick. With the whisky? With longing? He was younger than her. “Totally inappropriate,” she managed.

“Cool.” He flashed her a predatory smile. “Because I have my Bad Boy reputation to maintain, you know.”

With two long strides, he covered the space that separated them. He was so close now; she could sense the heat of his skin. If she moved a millimeter, she would feel the corrugated muscles of his stomach against her.

She curled her toes. “‘Get thee behind me, Satan.’”

“Behind you?” Andy feigned surprise. “You fancy doing it doggy-style, then? Just arch your back and you have a deal.”

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Win Kona Coffee with Eve Summers

In July 2009, readers have a chance to win a 7oz bag of real Kona coffee beans. Simply click on this link: and scroll down to Eve Summers.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fab Review of "Safe Sex Incorporated"

Check out this review for "Safe Sex Incorporated":

"... enjoy this unusual story, by a master story-teller as I know I did." (more)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice" gets a release date

"Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice" gets a release date: it will be available on Red Rose Publishing's website on 16 July 2009.

  • a tropical island
  • tropical cocktails
  • (with suggestive names that make you think of only one thing...)
  • ... and a tropical hunk
  • (who makes you think of only one thing...)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Women can't write about sex"

By now, you will probably have heard about Kate Copstick (the first female owner of Erotic Review) and her claim that women can't write sex.

Here is my response:

This excerpt is from "Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice" by Eve Summers, which will be released by Red Rose Publishing on July 16, 2009.


(Back story: Tanya orders a massage and when she hears a knock on her hotel room door, she doesn't realise it's Andy who's come to apologise.)

This time, the massage started with her feet. Strong thumbs pressed hot circles into the soles, teased the spaces between her toes and tickled her ankles into a state of arousal.

Her response was instant, even without the aphrodisiac scent of oils. By the time the massaging fingers had moved up to the backs of her knees, Tanya had to bite the pillow to muffle the inappropriate sounds emanating from her throat.

It was not at all what she had ordered. It was not at all what she wanted. It was exactly what she needed.

Suddenly, a hot moist mouth enclosed her big toe, sucking and lashing it with a firm tongue.

Tanya writhed on her belly. “More. Please. More.”

When she could stand it no longer, she raised herself onto her knees. The bathrobe rode up her thighs. She knew the memory of this moment would make her squirm later, but that would be later.

Now was now. Now was paradise. An expert hand followed the invitation straight into Tanya’s damp curls. The fingers spread out her folds in a confident, practiced manner, locating the right spot at once. Under the rich layers of pure sexual bliss, the still-thinking-part of Tanya’s brain was impressed. No man was ever that good. No man had ever found it first shot, and from behind, at that. No man knew the exact speed or the amount of pressure to apply

“Aaaah!” The moans pushed past her lips against her will. She was too hungry to fight them.

Ice Princess turned Nymphomaniac in three easy steps. Perhaps she had been batting for the wrong team all her life, after all. Perhaps it took a girl to know what a girl needed in bed.

Tanya’s inhibitions dissolved with every stroke. “Oh yes. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.”

Close. So close now.

When the first ripple of orgasm hit, the fingers glided farther up and into her flesh, hitting a mysterious patch of pleasure-nerves. Tanya’s scream of shocked ecstasy froze in her throat as she felt her g-spot come alive for the very first time ever.

As she rode that most beautiful of waves all the way up to the sweet breaking point, she knew she was about to graduate into grown-up sex at long last. But she didn’t want to go there alone.

Her mind reached out.

“Andy,” she whispered.

“I’m here, babe.”

His voice sent her over the edge. Her mind went blank and she was only marginally aware of her body thrashing about on the bed, the pleasure outlasting every orgasm she’d ever experienced.

She was still whimpering when she heard another knock on the door.

“No, thank you,” Andy called out, “we’ve changed our mind. Please put the cancellation fee on the hotel bill.” To Tanya, he added. “Unless of course you fancy a threesome with the masseuse?”

Tanya was too spent to wonder what Andy was doing in her room. She was too spent to realize the implications of the fact that it was Andy who had just given her the most glorious ride of her life.