Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Free erotica stories for couples

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Helen Evans said...

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jack said...

As expected, the train from Machu Picchu, that world-famous Inca heritage site in Peru, is filled with Western tourists. The gorge we wind our way through is impressive, but my attention is drawn to three ladies across the aisle on the seats just ahead of me. After all those poor-looking curio sellers in the tourist resorts it is a relief to see such self confident, modern, healthy and well-off Indian ladies holding their cameras and observing the passing scenery just like me. They don’t take any notice of me but my eyes are drawn to them again and again. Actually, I can only see one of them properly and she is either chatting with the person facing her or taking pictures. The lady next to her seems slightly less striking or attractive to me, maybe because she’s wearing spectacles, but possibly also because she falls asleep soon after the train starts moving. At first, the other two had their sunglasses still on, giving them a sophisticated appearance, but after a while they probably realised that this narrow valley was already in the shade. They fixed their sunglasses on top of their heads, which – I must say – adds to their charm. Read full story here