Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Halloween Read - Part 2 - VERY ADULT

Slice Me Nice
A short sequel to “A Slave of My Own Desire
(Red Rose Publishing, 2008)

(...“Yes.” That’s all I can manage, and even that comes out raspy through my suddenly dry throat.)

I expect him to reach for me now. Instead, he tilts the condensed milk tin. The creamy liquid shoots out of the tin straight into the hollowed-out pumpkin, and my hips move all by themselves as they follow the rhythm of his gestures.

“Lick.” He offers me a drop of the milky overflow.

It tastes sweet and I moan, a guttural moan of mating. One night with David was all that I needed to turn into a slut.

“Where do we,” David emphasises the we, “keep our sherbet?”

“In the trick-a-treat bag.”

Before I know it, I’m sitting on the edge of the kitchen bench, dressing gown gaping over my open thighs.

“David, no.”

The sherbet hits my moist flesh and I get lost in its effervescence. The world has contracted to a single square of sparks. I’m burning. I’m flying. I have to come.

“More. Please, more.”

But instead of more powder, David searches out an ice cube. Its dull cold tricks my stinging clit to spasm with an orgasm so powerful that I scream. I can hear the sound, I can feel it in my mouth, yet I can’t stop it.

“F- me,” I whisper when I’m done. I need him inside. I need to feel his mouth on mine.


“F- me, David. Please.”

He brushes his fingers over my clit as he buries them deep inside me. Tiny globules of sherbet hit my g-spot and I stop caring what the neighbours think.

If they want to rush over and watch, they’re welcome. I, for one, am enjoying the sight.

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