Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice - exclusive preview

"Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice" by Eve Summers will hit the Red Rose Publishing e-press on 16 July 2009 EST. Below, you will find a recipe for a super-sexy cocktail as well as a super-sexy excerpt:

Chapter Five

Kiss Me Slow

The Kiss Me Slow Cocktail Recipe

4 oz white rum
2 oz triple sec
1 oz lemon juice

Stir ingredients together into an old-fashioned glass, and serve.

When they got to Andy’s over-the-water bungalow, however, all he pulled out was a bottle of whisky.

Disappointment hit Tanya in more ways than just one. If he was going to offer whisky, the least he could do was produce something truly decadent. Oh well. It served her right for forgetting her principles of dating. How could she expect a mere boy to know his stuff?

“Surely you don’t mean the Johnny Walker?” She tasted the chilly shards in her own words. “That’s not even single malt.”

“It’s blue label though. Crème de la crème. Taste it.”

I’d rather taste you, thought Tanya. But the spicy liquid glowed with a divine fire in her throat, sweet and toasty and chocolaty, and when she heard a moan of pleasure, it took a second to realize it was her own.

Andy watched her, his eyes burning into hers. “That good, huh?”

She felt the heat spread from her throat down. “Mmmm.” Yeah, really well done. Ten out of ten for nonchalant.

“How inappropriate do you think it would be if I kissed you right now?”

Her throat was thick. With the whisky? With longing? He was younger than her. “Totally inappropriate,” she managed.

“Cool.” He flashed her a predatory smile. “Because I have my Bad Boy reputation to maintain, you know.”

With two long strides, he covered the space that separated them. He was so close now; she could sense the heat of his skin. If she moved a millimeter, she would feel the corrugated muscles of his stomach against her.

She curled her toes. “‘Get thee behind me, Satan.’”

“Behind you?” Andy feigned surprise. “You fancy doing it doggy-style, then? Just arch your back and you have a deal.”

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