Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Speculative Sky" from Red Rose Publishing

Today I'm interviewing a fellow Red Rose Publishing author, Clare Dargin, whose "Speculative Sky" is an out-of-this-world romance.

Clare: Hi Eve, thanks for inviting me to your blog!

Eve: Lovely to have you here. Please tell us about your Red Rose book.

Clare: Well, "Speculative Sky" is about one woman’s quest to be the first to discover life on another planet. And as a radio astronomer it is within her grasp, however the company she work’s for is not so keen on the idea themselves. But in spite of their warnings she pushes ahead and the drama ensues from their.
Eve: That's so cool! What makes you write Speculative Romance?

Clare: I love science fiction. I am totally addicted to it. And romance, I’m a sucker for it. And so it was natural for me to put the two together and have total enjoyment when I write. :)
Eve: SF often attracts a male audience, while Romance is dominated by females. Who are your readers?

Clare: You know that is very good point. And growing up, I always felt out of place at the scifi conventions and comic book conventions because outside of my two best friends who used to accompany me, I was like the only girl there. So often I would go home and think, am I the only girl who likes to read this stuff?

But I know that is not true as evident from the audiences of scifi movies, fandoms from t.v. shows- we gals love a good scifi story too! It’s just the genre has been identified predominately with males and so the authors and the storylines that they wrote were often skewed toward their interests.

Sometimes we got lucky when those interests overlapped with ours but often times it didn’t meld with some of the issues and storylines that could either attract female audiences or at least be attractive to both.

I hope that my audiences are male and female because I try to balance my stories where it feeds both genders’ desire to be entertained. Does that make sense?
Eve: Absolutely! You're talking to a fellow girl who loves SF! So what books or authors do you enjoy reading?

Clare: I enjoy reading a variety of books. Right now I’m into urban fantasy and the like. What can I say I’m a pop culture girl so I’m reading books by Alan Dean Foster, along with catching up on my Star Wars addiction. And when I’m not reading for school...I also read non-fiction books about military history, espionage, politics and social commentary.

Eve: Why do you love being a Red Rose author?

Clare: I love Red Rose because they really care. I love their style editing, I love the rapport they have with their authors and the glitzy yet professional style of the company and I love Roses. So what I can I say? A perfect fit!

Eve: Hear, hear! Clare can be found online by clicking on the following:

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Clare Dargin said...

Thank you for hosting me Eve! I had a great time and really enjoy your blog!