Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where’s the best place to find Mr. Right...

Where’s the best place to find Mr. Right if you’re a hopelessly romantic booklover?
The library, of course.

If You Like Pina Coladas - Excerpt

Sarah found it in a library copy of Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”. An ordinary sheet of paper from a spiral notebook.

To the Woman of my Dreams, the note began. If this book speaks to your soul, I’ve been waiting for you since forever. Please leave your reply in the library copy of a particular book. Tip: If you like Pina Coladas...

The bit about the woman of his dreams would’ve sounded corny, except “The Alchemist” was all about following one’s dream - the journey and the destination.

Sarah’s curiosity grew. What man would use a library book the way others used online dating sites? A fellow booklover, someone who enjoyed puzzles…. Oh, and pop songs.

If you like Pina Coladas.... The tip left Sarah mystified. A book with Pina Colada in the title? Too easy. A book about cocktails? Too lame. A book about an estranged couple who ultimately realise they are meant for each another? True of a gazillion novels.

Think again. Who sang the Pina Colada song?
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