Thursday, May 26, 2011

My First Kindle

OK, it's official: I'm no longer a Kindle virgin! As of last Saturday, I've seen the Kindle, I've touched the Kindle and I've used the Kindle to read a few pages of text. I've even learned how to look up word definitions!

My first impressions are favourable (now how many of us can say that about our first time, huh?): the Kindle is feather-light and super-easy on the eyes (I mean, it's pretty, but also it doesn't glow the way a monitor does, so you don't strain reading an ebook any more than you would reading a paperback). And I love the online dictionary.

I love it even more that all the Eve Summers book are available in that format.

Will I buy the Kindle this year? Maybe. I'm kind of hoping for a colour and graphic version, because I really love book covers.

Speaking of which.... Check out the Eve Summers Kindle Titles today!

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