Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ruby Sparks - Review

Ok, so now I've watched Ruby Sparks. Loved it. Here's why.

Ruby Sparks is the truest love story since the movie Love Story. Although based on an event that can't be real (write about a book character and see her come to life), the actual relationship (between Ruby Sparks, the book character, and Calvin Weir-Fields, the novelist who created her) is the most authentic cinematic portrayal yet.

What the movie is actually about is control and the balance of power in a relationship. What I got out of it, though, is this: even your dream girl will get on your nerves, even your dream girl will want to go out without you from time to time, even your dream girl will stop loving you if you don't treat her right.

There. How's that for romance?
As good as it gets.

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