Monday, December 9, 2013

The Highwayman's Bride

The Highwayman's BrideThe Highwayman's Bride by Jane Beckenham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The first twist in the tale comes in the very first sentence: "Alone on a darkened road, beneath the constant drip of a damp autumn rain, Tess Stanhope sat atop her stolen horse and waited for the unsuspecting travelers."

So the highwayman is a woman. Nice one. And the surprises just keep coming, as the action moves from the dark road to a village in, and from a ballroom to Charnley Hall with its secrets and riddles.

This is a romance at its purest, with a hero we can all love and a heroine we all want to be. There are the usual highlights, black moments and love scenes, but what makes this story unusual is the author's unique voice and the skill with which she leads us on this journey.

If you like historicals this is a book for you. Even if you just like contemporary romance, give The Highwayman's Bride a go - you will be pleasantly surprised how timeless this story is.

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