Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sophie Kinsella - Shopaholic To The Stars

If you know the Shopaholic series, you know its heroine is a classical chick lit woman: charming and bright in her own way, but also - at times - infuriatingly silly. "Shopaholic To The Stars" is no different. You will love reading it, and you will hate the parts where Becky goes over the top. Such is the trademark of chick lit.

I really enjoy the Shopaholic books. Does Becky irritate me? Sure. Does she melt my heart? You bet. Do I wish she'd finally grow up? Yes - but... but if Becky grows up, the whole tone of the series changes.What would distinguish a grown-up Becky from all the other young women? What would be the pull that makes these books bestsellers?

The sad truth is Sophie Kinsella can write about wonderful, mature and complex women - just read any of her Madeleine Wickham books. And yet the Madeleine Wickham books didn't sell as well as the Kinsella ones. Seems the public doesn't want wonderful, mature and complex women.....

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