Thursday, February 24, 2011

Introducing a fellow Red Rose Author

The Outpost by J. H. Bográn

Q: What's the book's main theme?
A: It's a Sci-fi short.

Q: I love Sci-fi! What makes the hero somebody you'd like to meet?
Karl Jackson is an astro-engineer facing disaster as his small ship is coming apart. His attitude is the right one for somebody I'd like next to me in case of trouble.

Q: How does the heroine change throughout the book?
A: Sorry, this short sci-fi doesn´t have a heroine.

Q: Typical "male" sci-fi then, LOL (see footnote). If the book were made into a movie, who should play the hero?
A: Matt Leblanc would play a great Karl Jackson.

Q: Tell us something about the book's setting.
A: In a small station in the edge of the solar system, 2 man monitor the space traffic when systems begin to crash one after another, for no apparent reason. Will they be able to fix it in time or is something else lurking around?


Murphy’s Law, is there anything else that can go wrong?
Karl Jackson and Joseph Doyle are stationed aboard Track 7, an outpost monitoring the traffic in and out of the solar system. When Karl wakes up with his nose pressed against a metal plank, he soon realizes that the lack of gravity is only the beginning of his problems.

(*Footnote: Eve Summers writes "female" sci-fi.)

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