Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Spotlight Is On....

The spotlight today is on a fellow Red Rose Publishing author, Carol Preflatish

Love, Lies, Deceit

Yvonne: Carol, please tell us about your book and its main theme.
Carol: "Love, Lies & Deceit" is about international espionage, with a hint of romance between two CIA operatives; one a rookie, the other her training officer.

Yvonne: What makes the hero somebody you'd like to meet? 
Carol: I've had so many readers tell me that they love Jason Reid because of his sweet, but determined personality, his patriotism, and his commitment to Julie McBride, his trainee. 

Yvonne: How does the heroine change throughout the book? 
Carol: Julie starts out as a rookie CIA officer who is just a little unsure of herself, but in the end she shows that her confidence in herself has increased 100% by doing what she can to help save Jason's life and career, while risking her own.

Yvonne: If the book were made into a movie, who should play the heroine? 
Carol: It's kind of a toss-up between Kirsten Dunst and Nicole Kidman, but I sort of lean toward Kirsten Dunst. 

Yvonne: Tell us something about the book's setting. 
Carol: My book has a lot of international travel starting out in Washington, DC, then to Austria, before going on to New York City, and then ending up in Paris, France before coming back to Washington. 

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