Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yvonne Walus is visiting this blog on her MURDER @ PLAY book tour....

MURDER @ PLAY is the first book in the South African Cozy Mystery series by Yvonne Walus.

Come meet the characters: 
  • Christine - amateur detective, brilliant mathematician
  • Tom - Christine’s husband accused of the murder
  • Daniel - secretly in love with Christine
  • Alice - murder mystery writer and victim (no, it wasn't Daniel who got murdered, and it's not the murder mystery writer who will solve the crime)
  • Michael - Alice’s current boyfriend
  • Basil - the host, Alice’s ex-boyfriend
  • Janice - Basil’s girlfriend
  • Delia - Basil’s sister
  • Roger - a friend, or is he something... more???
  • Elizabeth - his wife with a secret


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