Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Straight from the HOT Sellers List at Red Rose

Today we're hosting Betty Ann Harris and her very own special agent, LOL.

Q: Betty, tell us about the book.
A: My Very Special Agent is the only erotic book in the Special Agent Series-

Q: Now I'm really listening. Well, actually, I'm interrupting. It's just that I love, love, love erotic books, when they're well written. Go on....
A: The hero, Stephen O'Leary is an extremely good-looking and eligible bachelor, and a top-notch FBI Special Agent. The damsel in distress is the beautiful romance author, Maggie Tyler, who is a young widow, having lost her husband in Desert Storm. A psycho-fan of Maggie's has been stalking her and things have gotten out of control. She's afraid, alone and lonely. The FBI is involved in the case and Stephen is assigned to do whatever he needs to do to keep Maggie alive. He takes her to a rural area in upstate New York where he has a cabin. But Maggie's stalker is closer than they realize, and she is in grave danger. Amidst a beautiful backdrop and surroundings, the two fall in love. But will Maggie's stalker end up killing them both? The psycho is jealous of Stephen and wants Maggie all to himself. Will they survive?

Q: Wow, that's quite a ride! Where can we read it?
A: The book is available in ebook, Kindle and paperback, and you can buy it here:

(I'm clicking on the link. Are you?)

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