Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wicked Appetite

Do you know how some books always make you hungry? Janet Evanovich's Wicked Appetite, a book that features seven deadly sins and two gorgeous hunks (blond Diesel and dark Wulf), made me crave carrot cake and raisin bread. How weird is that?

Here's an excerpt from the book:

My name is Elizabeth Tucker. I’m Elizabeth to my

mother, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve been

Lizzy to everyone else. And for as long as I can remember,

I’ve baked cupcakes. I enrolled in the culinary arts program

at Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island right out of high school,

hoping to someday get a job as a pastry chef. I graduated

J&W in the top ninety- three percent of my class, and I would

have graduated higher, but I flunked gravy. My gravy had

lumps in it, and that pretty much sums up my life so far. Not

that it’s been all bad, more that it hasn’t been entirely smooth.

I grew up in Virginia and when I was in third grade, Billy

Kruger gave me the nickname Buzzard Beak, and I carried it

with me all through grade school. I got my brown eyes and

distinctive nose from Grandpa Harry, and while the nose

wasn’t great, I told myself it could have been worse, because

Billy Kruger’s nickname was Poop Pants.

And then when I was in eighth grade, during a moment ofmisguided curiosity, I made out with Ryan Lukach, and the

jerk told everyone I wore a padded bra. I mean, give me a

break here. I was a late bloomer. Anyway, the truth is, my bra

was so padded I didn’t know I was getting felt up.

I got engaged to fellow classmate Anthony Muggin while I

was at Johnson & Wales. Two weeks after graduation and a

week before the wedding, Anthony and his Uncle Gordo

were caught hijacking a refrigerator truck loaded with sides

of beef. It turned out to be a lucky thing, because after I

visited Anthony in jail and returned the ring, I sobbed myself

through a couple tumblers of vodka, fell off the toilet

in a drunken stupor, crashed into a sink, and broke my

nose. When they patched me up, I was no longer Buzzard


So here I am with the cutest nose in town, and I’ve finally

grown breasts. They’re not huge, but they’re better than a

poke in the eye, and I’ve been told they’re perky. Perky is

good, right?

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