Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sophie Kinsella’s Wedding Night

Sophie Kinsella’s latest book, Wedding Night, may not be quite up to the high standards set by Madeleine Wickham (the author’s real name under which she writes about intelligent heroines with sometimes questionable morals), but it’s still a chick-lit book that’s worth reading. Quick and easy and deliciously enjoyable, it’s like an indulgent chocolate praline after a kale salad with mung beans and tofu.

The story follows two sisters, Fliss and Lottie, on their way to a happily-ever-after. Lottie is the slightly ditzy one who wants to get married – and if the boyfriend of the last few years won’t take the hint, she’ll settle for her 15-years-ago-summer-fling who comes back to her life. Fliss is the bitter divorced one who desperately wants to prevent her younger sister from the perils of an inappropriate marriage.

If the plot sounds a bit meh at this point, rest assured you’re in good hands. The author’s writing skill would make even the action of watching paint dry fun and amusing and highly desirable (a bit like Tom Sawyer and his fence-painting chore). So sit back, enjoy the sunshine of a fictional Greek island, and ponder on the wisdom of every going back to a place where you were once young and happy. And just before you get too nostalgic and philosophical, enjoy the non-sugary happy ending.

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